East River Sky Station

East River Sky Station was completed in 8 hours. The majority of the base is suspended high above the snowy terrain. Players can use the gravity lifts and jump pads to get up to the base. If they are daring enough they can also run up the giant crystal spires. There is a second spawn room for defending players to fight against spawn camping. East River Sky Station is an important base to have because players can get ground vehicles as well as aircraft.


Crystal Ridge Comm Array

Crystal Ridge Comm Array was also completed in 8 hours. To prevent tanks and ground vehicles fom getting too close the base is surrounded by large boulders and crystal spires. To prevent aircraft from interfering too much there is an energy shield covering most of the play space. The capture area for this outpost is quite large so players will have to check the ground level as well as the raised platform for enemies. Crystal Ridge Comm Array also has a second spawn room to prevent spawn camping.